it's a death trap, it's a suicide rap.

we gotta get out while we're young.

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Anchorage, Alaska, United States
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abba, anime, archer, avengers, barack obama, bisexuality, captain kirk, cardassians, cartoons, classic rock, clony stark, comics, daft punk, dancing, daredevil, dbz, deep space nine, democrats, disneyland, duran duran, elo, errol flynn, fan art, fan fiction, fantastic four, femslash, firestar, florence + the machine, futurama, gambit, garak/bashir, gay rights, george harrison, gone with the wind, gundam wing, hating facebook, het, history, hockey, homestar runner, james bond, jesus christ superstar, john lennon, karaoke, kate bush, king of the hill, kittens, laurence olivier, logan/remy, love, marvel comics, marvel is my religion, matt murdock: sex god, movies, mst3k, muppets, music, music videos, musicals, new warriors, nhl, nintendo, nouvelle vague, peter frampton, peter sellers, pets, photoshop, pigs, pikachu, reading, rock band, rocky horror picture show, role playing, romulans, ronin warriors, roxy music, sealab 2021, shakespeare, sims 2, singing, slash, south park, star trek, star trek slash, steely dan, supertramp, sweet valley high, the beatles, the rolling stones, the rutles, the sims, the wizard of oz, this is spinal tap!, tony stark: cum slut, trogdor, vivien leigh, watchmen, wolverine, wolverine/gambit, writing, wuthering heights, wwe, x-men, yaoi, yellow submarine, young allies, young avengers, yuri, zoidberg
You can call me Ali...

I like comics and pretty much nothing else. I also RP and write fics on occasion. Feel free to snoop around & friend if you want.

Marriage is love.

marvel is love
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